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R&D Project Manager / Business Developer

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Work Experience

  • Since 2007 : R&D Project Manager at a microelectronic equipment supplier.

Managing the technologic development and process development for materials dipensing by microdrop generation ("inkjet technology").

  • 2006-2007 : New Product Engineer at an equipment supplier of microelectronic.

Technologic development and process implementation for materials dipensing by microdrop generation ("inkjet technology").

Industrial processes development
New technologies industrialisation
Equipment start-up
Customers supporting

Control of the surface’s functionalization of thin films obtained by PECVD from a cyclic organosilicon compound.

Developments within the framework of transverse projects : materials
for biology, the micro-systems and functional microcomponents.
Developments for the controled localization of chemical susbstances for
the manufacturing of various system on chip for RTB research.
Technologic developments for the fluid management in systems and

Patents :
- Low wetting hysteresis polysiloxane-based material and method for depositing same (WO2007003754, FR2887891) 2005.
- Method for localizing a chemical or biological species on a substrate,
analyzing microsystem and biochip (WO2006005887, FR2872911) 2006.
- Fuel cell electrod with modified permeability (deposit in progress) 2006.
- Culture substrate with an oxidized silicon surface (EP1897936) 2007.

- 03-08 / 2003 : Research Engineer, Master of Science Training Period at LPTS (Laboratoire des Procédés de Traitement de Surface [2]) of CEA of Grenoble.

Study of growth’s mechanisms of SiOxCyHz coatings as gas barrier
synthesized by PECVD.

- 04-06 / 2002 : Research Engineer, Master of Technology Training Period at LPTS (Laboratoire des Procédés de Traitement de Surface) of CEA of Grenoble.

Implementation of an industrial PACVD pilot for thin film from organosilicon compounds.

- 04-06 / 2001 : Assistant Engineer, Master of Technology “project” at LSGS (Laboratoire de Science et Génie des Surfaces [3] - CNRS) of Nancy.

Synthesis of transparent and conductor thin films of alumina doped
zinc oxide by cathodic magnetron sputtering.


- 2003-2006 : Ph. D. thesis in Materials Science and Engineering. Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine (INPL), Laboratoire de Science et Génie des Surface (LSGS), reader : T. Belmonte.

- 2002-2003 : Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering. Honours 2.1. Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine (INPL).

- 2000-2002 : Master of Technology in Metallurgy. Honours 2.1. Université H. Poincaré of Nancy.

- 1999-2000 : Diploma of Higher Education in Metallurgy. Honours First Class. Université H. Poincaré of Nancy.

- 1997-1999 : BTEC Higher National Diploma in Engineering
of Casting’s Alloys
. Lycée H. Loritz of Nancy.

- 1996-1997 : BTEC National Diploma in Materials Science Engineering. Lycée H. Loritz of Nancy.

Skills, personal assets, data processing and languages

- Process engineering, project management, scientific and technical papers, thin films, integration, plasma processes, ellipsometry, surface energy and wetting, XPS, FTIR, mass spectrometry.
- Team work, cross-disciplinary projects, fast adaptation, flexibility, sense of responsibilities, ability to pass on, optimism, perseverance, relational easy, open, and direct, sense of communication.
- Winelli, Origin, LaTeX, MSOffice, AdobeCS, HTML, and VBA.
- French : mother tongue, English : intermediate, German : bases.

Associative, cultural and sporting activities

- 1999-2003 : Climbing Instructor in club. Brevet d’initiateur fédéral (FFME) en escalade.
- 1998-2003 : Scout Head of the Nancy-section of Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Unionistes de France (EEUdF). BAFA.
- 1999-2001 : Certificate for activity leaders in a holiday camp, and trainer for its obtaining at CEMEA.
- 1999 : First Aid certificate (AFPS).
- Epistemology and scientific popularization.
- ski, climbing, excursion, mountaineering, moutain biking, ...

[1Hybrid Component Laboratory

[2Surfaces Treatment and Processes Laboratory

[3Surface Science and Engineering Laboratory

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